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What we call the Complete Appointments Verification, Payments Reminders & Direct Marketing Service Offering for small and large businesses is a development of Capid Houser which is a Digital Marketing services [Search Engine & Social Media Marketing campaigns development and execution] agency providing consulting, training, software & website development.

Stephen C Campbell

The head of operation is Stephen C Campbell who manages the team of support personnel, website development programmers as well as the digital marketing, social media and search engine services offerings delivered across the range of companies under our business operations umbrella. was developed as a response to learning from the requirements and feedback given to us by our valuable customers, that is those who took part in some of our training and consulting workshops digital  [social media and search engine] marketing services strategies development and execution as well as website design and development clientele.

We encourage you to try the appointments verification and payments reminder system, fit it into the strategic digital marketing operations and planning of your business and experience how your business management and interaction with your clients will be enhanced.


Remember that full customised system setup is done for you, the appointment reminder training videos are on hand to guide you through how to book appointments, send payment reminders and to use the system in general.

If there are any questions, queries or operational issues then all that you need to do is to contact us via our support desk and we will get back to you with haste in order to deal with your query.


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We develop Software As A Service [Saas] applications for customers [such as &] in different marketing sectors in addition to our ongoing Social Media & Search Engine Marketing strategy development & Execution.

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