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Our Services Come Under These Main Classifications

We like to give clients a foundational understanding of the service offering as provided by the system, each category is outlined below taking you through to a more detailed explanation …

Customer Appointments Verification

The first step in the utilisation of the NowRemind platform is to interact with the customer by actually Verifying Their Appointment by entering the booking specifics into the dedicated portal. It is a fact that moving away from paper based systems and incorporating software management systems into day to day business operations is something that most business know that they should do or at least take a serious look at; either over the phone or in person; capturing client’s contact details is key for booking service fulfillment and for the future relationship with the client which can only take place through keeping in touch.

Auomated Appointments Reminder

Another step within the utilisation of the software as a service [SaaS] offering with any organisation in enhancing the business / client relationship and interaction – remembering that all appointment reminders are based on campaigns; this is where depending on the campaigns settings [which will be a function of the service offering] the company may choose to set automatic appointment reminders to be issued 24 hours before the appointment or maybe 3 hours before the appointment. This option along with the fact that clients are able to contact the company directly from their appointment confirmation from the convenience of their mobile phones will enable the organisation to reallocate staff activities as appropriate, allow rescheduling of appointments there paying close attention to customer satisfaction.

Making Sure We As Business Owners Get Paid

Consistent revenue flow and chasing of invoices is a problem that many businesses spend a great deal of time and energy on; at times it is simple a matter of clients being unaware of their duties to make payment for services rendered and incorporating a payments reminder facility within any organisation will serve to assist with this vital business imperative. Bearing in mind that the content of each appointment reminder is campaign based; along with this the option presents itself to the business to be able to issue payment reminders along with the gentle automated appointment reminder. The flexibility of the platform also allow the company to embed direct payment links within the appointment details thereby providing the client with the option to settle their bills directly from their mobile phones.

Direct To The Customer Marketing

From an overall long term business revenue generation perspective the ability to market future products and services to clients is where the money is !! Armed with the contact details as provided by the customer at the appointment or service booking stage; businesses can now employ [as en example] strategic email marketing strategies and tactics into their business operations.

Some say that first engaging with paying clients through the use of a cloud based appointments booking and verification system can be viewed as the foundation of a coherent digital marketing strategy


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