Using The Appointment Verification Process

The Concept Of Using Appointment Verification

… [as opposed to the more widely used terminology or actions of ‘Appointment Reminders’] is one that is being implemented via the platform and used to great effect with the businesses that we have board. Indeed this form of customer interaction is one that can not only take customer interactions as well as customer satisfaction levels to the next level but a method that if used strategically can serve to drive incremental revenue growth within the organisation.

The simplicity of the concept itself is genius and its useage is non obtrusive with a low resistance barrier as in the first instance the customer service representative will only be asking for the client to agree to verify their appointment, booking or other upcoming business transaction.


Once this part of the process has been carried out the business owner will be able in the first instance to carry out just what the customer agreed to. This is what we refer to as complete permission based direct marketing communications; this will serve to ensure that the customer either turns up for their appointment at the agreed time or; is able to make the business aware of their inability to attend and there leave the option for rescheduling and more importantly to be able to reallocate the time for other revenue generating activities.



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