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After signing up for use of the system we will aim to have your account fully configured and setup within 5 working day, this is after you have provided us with campaign details, graphics information as well as various specifics in relation to your company. The platform will be ready for immediate utilisation within your business operations and for reference we have provided training videos covering different aspect on the use of the platform.

If you would like to view the videos before deciding whether or not make the service work for your business then all that you need to do is to register and the videos are there waiting for you so you can get to grips with the workings of the google business reviews, appointments verification, SMS text message marketing and browser notifications system at your leisure.

We call this the first step within the software as a service [SaaS] offering, the first step within the business / client relationship and interaction – this is where the initial service exchange for revenue takes place and the strategic intention is to initially ensure that the appointment or booking is actually fulfilled.

Training Videos Overview

Business Reviews Campaigns Overview

In this short video we provide an overview of the campaigns that will be fully configured and setup for your business during the initial stages after registration.

The amount of campaigns that you have within your dashboard will depend on the plan that you have subscribed to.

SMS Text Message Marketing

The is more than an appointments booking and verification system, the platform provides the business with the facility to add another dimension to its digital marketing outbound strategy execution.

Now; the organisation is able to deliver mobile marketing messages directly to client’s smart devices in order to maintain top of mind awareness which in turn with the execution of deliberate strategies will lead to more sales of products and services and additional revenue generation.

Marketing Through Browser Notifications

Extending the digital marketing strategy development possibilities through the use of communicating with the clients via their computer, smart device, tablet or mobile phone when used as a key component in the business strategy again adds another dimension to how the company is able to interact with their clients.

Some say that first engaging with paying clients through the use of a cloud based appointments booking and verification system can be viewed as the foundation of a coherent digital marketing strategy


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