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Communicate Directly With Your Customers Using SMS, Email & Browser Notifications Options. Increase Customer Engagement, Lower No Shows & Late Payments; Increase Customer Satisfaction & Maximise Revenues.

NowRemind.com Provides The Functionality For Companies To Enjoy Increased Levels Of Interaction with Their Customer Base Through The Use Of …

SMS | Browsers | Email

… In Fact NowRemind.com May Be Used Not Only To Initially Confirm Appointments & Bookings But Further Along Down The Line To Be Utilised As An Outbound Marketing Tool In Order To Stay In Touch With Customers & To Promote Special Offers As Appropriate.

Make Sure Clients Turn Up …

Appointment Reminders

Configure Appointment Reminders To Go Out As You Choose Before On Or After The Date

Keep Incoming Revenues Consistent …

Payment Reminders

Effortlessly Setup Recurring Payment Reminders Prompting Clients To Settle Their Bills In a Timely Manner

Customer Services Appointment Booking System

Online Booking

Multi Functioned Online Booking System For Managing Customer Appointments & More …

More Than An Appointment Reminder Platform, Businesses Now Have …

Powerful Permission Based

Direct Marketing Possibilities

Customers actively opt in to receive notifications [for appointments, payments, reminders, services] via Email, SMS or Browser Notifications. This presents you the business owner with options for promoting products & services & special offers as appropriate.
This optional marketing channel allows for more expansive marketing that can be factored into the top level business strategy development plans.Understanding the cost to a business of acquiring a new customer scheduling regular customer contact communication with NowRemind.com will contribute to increased customer loyalty.
With marketing being the heart and soul of business and often being the neglected business function, NowRemind.com now presents the company with the facility to develop strategic notification marketing campaigns.

Here Are Some Of The Many Business Benefits Of The NowRemind.com System …

Appointment Confirmation

Whenever a customer books a table at a restaurant by phone or in person, NowRemind.com comes into play with giving you the business owner the option to send confirmation details to the client. Once the client opts in and confirms their booking – they will now be entered into the company’s database – these detaials may be used of course for Reminding the client of the table book but also provides the facility for future marketing and notifications.

Multiple Communications Options

NowRemind.com can utilise various channels for communicating with clients i.e. Browser Notifications, Email & SMS – whilst we recommend choosing a single method of communcation in order to prevent the customer being inundated with messages, the mulitple options are there if you the business owner with the intirmate understanding of your customer choosing to utlitise more than one.

Complete Campaign Creation

We are able to choose to communicate via Browser Notifications, Email Marketing or SMS Text Messaging. As illustrated in the graphic, based upon the information you provide to use upon signup we will fully configure your campaigns.

Within each campaign it will be determined what type of communication method will be used to interface with the customer i.e. Email Marketing, Browser Notifications or SMS Text Messages.

As illustrated in the graphic, based upon the information provided by your company we will fully configure your campaigns.

For each campaign your organisation will be presented with a unique URL to be used to interface with your clients and with which you can utilise to expand your business possibilities through communication and marketing via the NowRemind.com system.

Making The System Work For Your Organisation …

For ongoing Digital Email Marketing purposes we are able to configure customer communication sequences, these can be purely educational in nature and as an example may be set to be delivered once a week over a period of a month, therefore slowly and surely building customer trust and relationship upon which the business may use as a foundation for marketing of products and services.

Strategic Marketing

While the initial touch point with the customer ma copyy be to make a booking, knowing that nurturing a customer in order to determine & acquire maximum lifetime value to the business is the strategic means of operating.

With this in mind & with the client with this in mind & with the client’s details within the database. The option then presents itself for the business to send out strategic marketing messages in a timely manner [say once a month] in order to maintain Top Of Mind Awareness.

Mobile Direct Marketing

Now armed with the ability to connect with clients straight to their mobile phone or smart device via SMS & also via using browser notifications; this can be factored into the marketing communications strategy to include this alongside phone call and voice mail reminders.

This additional sub digital marketing channel can be used to provide your organisation the edge when it comes to gaining and maintaining mindshare from the mind of the target market customers.

Perfect For Businesses Operating In Different Market Sectors

We are often asked what type of businesses the NowRemind.com system is for; the response is that if you are actively servicing clients, taking bookings and making appointments then active use of the campaigns can be made to enhance your business operations, customer communication and revenue generation.

Doctors, Dentists & Medical

The possibilities for enhancing any business’ marketing and customer communication operations are only limited by the imagination.

Take medical marketing to the next level via direct digital marketing

For Doctors, Dentist, Cosmetic Surgeons, Opticians, Chiropractics, Audiologists & other fields within the marketing sector where the business is essentially driven by client appointments & bookings. The NowRemind.com system will work in the first instance by getting clients to verify their appointment attendance.

This can be utilised to commence ongoing strategic digital customer direct marketing activities after of course the initial customer attendance objective is realised.

Does Your Business Meet Clients Regularly ?

If so then some or all of the NowRemind.com system can be put to work within your business operations.

Beauty Salons & Hairdressers

Keep in touch with those regular customers by sending our special offers and promotion

Real Estate & Letting Agents

Avoid no shows for viewings & maximise on time scheduling for property seekers

Car Repairs & Auto Dealers

Perfect for keeping client up to date regarding car repair & test drive arrangements

Powerful Customer Communication Possibilities

Enhance Business Operations Commencing With Appointment Bookings

Consider making use of the NowRemind.com as the core of your organisation

Appointment Verification

NowRemind assists in building customer relationships by simply getting the customer to verify appointments and meetings; once this is done not only does your business have direct customer communication information. It allows for you to know in advance if appointments cannot be made and therefore make use of the time in a revenue generating manner.

Payment Reminders

Consistent revenues coming into the business is the heart and soul of a growing and functioning operation. In those unfortunate circumstances when it is necessary to prompt certain customers for payment – NowRemind provides a complete communication set that will enable you the business owner to put your message right in front of those who may need a little prompt in order to keep up with payments.

Customer Booking System

Systemize the customer journey and experience with the company by entering services appointment details into the NowRemind.com platform.

Powerful Email Marketing Options

Perhaps one of the most customer engagement time is at the time of booking an appointment …

… based on the top level strategic direction of the organisation it is at this point where capturing the email address of the client may made; based on the booking and the [forthcoming] exchange of funds, the business 0wner can rest assured that a valid visited email address will be passed on. This will serve will for validating the appointment as well as for any future business/client contact that is to be made; that is from an outbound direct marketing perspective [of course !].

  • Before

    Choose to send an email reminder at a predetermined time before the appointment date

  • After

    Perfect for following up in order to get feedback on the service provided

  • Same Day

    Depending on the nature of the business, same day notification may prove to be the most effective

Direct Digital Marketing

With the strategic use of the NowRemind.com platform the business owner has some very powerful option at their disposal to facilitate consistent, timely [not too often as to annoy to the client] direct digital marketing customer communication. This may be used for a number of purposes all of which of course will be drive by the strategic direction that the business happens to be heading.

With Marketing Being The Heart & Soul Of Business … NowRemind.com Gives Access To Direct Marketing Customer Communications Via The Given Options Provide Powerful Marketing Possibilities

Building & Construction Job Scheduling

Gardening To Roofing

The building trades such as gardeners who tend to at times multiple homes throughout the week as well as those roofers who also operate business models that see them attend property to property in order to conduct business; are both able to massively benefit from making use of such a cloud based appointments verification and payments reminder system. With the ability to confirm with clients before the appointment, this maximises working down time and cuts down on unceccesary travel time.

Scaffolding To Plumbing

For building services such as Scaffolding provision and the ever required plumber that is needed for those everyday needs such as tending to leaking pipes to fitting in a shower; time is money and the whole business model is based on that of meeting with clients at their places of residence. The use of this particular appointments booking and payment reminder system only serves to ensure that the client are home as expected.



Our parent company [Capid Houser] has conducted business for clients such as Swatch Group China, Proctor & Gamble, Local Councils as well as SMEs, startups throughout Europe, the Far East and the United States.

Restaurant Appointment Booking

With any successful restaurant or busy eatery thriving on a steady flow of bookings and the dependance on customers showing up for those said bookings; an appointments verification system that is both mobile optimised and works seamlessly from the cloud is just the service that any busy restaurant needs to fit into their operations in order to maintain full tables, but more importanly to be able to free up tables through the knowledge gained from diners connecting through the NowRemind.com system to inform that they can no longer make their booking.

Making use of a cloud based mobile optimised appointments verification system such NowRemind.com provides restaurant businesses with solid foundation to develop and execute outbound restaurant digital marketing campaigns.


NowRemind.com is a creation of Capid Houser which is a Digital Marketing Services Agency providing website design and development [such as the very website you are on now] as well as consulting and strategy training.

The organisation is proud to have serviced clients from around the globe and much of our learning comes from listening to you the customer. So do please feel free to submit any questions or queries that you may have pertaining to the NowRemind.com system or on Digital Marketing in general and we will get back to you with haste.


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