SMS Text Message appointment reminders are becoming more and more popular as we see this form of digital marketing technology being used by companies from differing market sectors such as …

… Doctors, Dentists, Estate Agencies, Recruitment Consultant, Law Firm, Chirporactors …

… and other professional services organisations that rely on their business operations running smoothly and efficiently based on the fact that they conduct numerous meetings in any given working day and; it only takes the timing of one client appointment to be missed or to start late for serious implications for the business to come into play.

Now some of us will be familiar with receiving an appointment reminder from the organisation from which we may have a meeting planned with with no description of who the message is from [until after we actually open the SMS text message] and to be greeted with the ‘Do Not Reply’ suffix within the message. So – in the case that the client is running late and they receive an appointment reminder, if they are unable to call into the office or to send an email – not being able to respond to the appointment reminder will end up being the root cause as to why the day’s operations may end up running as smoothly as it was planned to.

Responding To Appointment Reminders

The is the Complete Appointments Reminder Client Services Booking Invoice Payment Actioning & Direct Marketing System because it allows customers to reply directly to the company with whom the meeting is planned and inform them that they are unable to make the meeting in question.

Consider if you will – the scenario where the client is in a rush and receives a SMS Text Message reminder from the company with which they have the meeting planned; would it not be such a great facility if the client were able to [whilst they are on a crowded train or in a noisy taxi] hit reply and to tell the company of the circumstance which is causing them to be late for the appointment in question.

More Than A SMS Text Message Reminder System

One of the key value proposition points of the Complete Appointments Reminder, Client Services Booking, Invoice Payment Actioning & Direct Marketing System is that is actually allows clients to respond to Appointment Reminders right from their mobile phones; say they are unable to make a meeting then this information can be relayed directly into the SaaS platform and will be accessible by anyone within the company that has appropriate access. In this way the company will be able to reschedule and make alternative plans as necessary to cater for any potential missed appointments.

In addition to the above the customer will know who the SMS text message appointment reminder is from as the sender will be clearly identified within the message; in other words the user will not be greeted with the dreaded “NO REPLY” header that is seen to come with many appointment reminder system; and yet there are more sophisticated features within the system that can be used to enhance any Business to Consumer contact and communications.

Payment Reminders

Now just imagine if a company were able to send payment reminders direct to customers and; in addition to this actually provide the payment links through which customers can settle their bills. We do know how the use of mobile phones have sky rocketed in recent years and is set to continue to do so.

Now with the use of the system in use for any company or business organisation customers are able to settle payments, that is payment that they may well have genuinely forgotten to settle and now when used systematically the company can enjoy increased and regular revenue income generation.

Direct Marketing

As if the Ability To Reply To Appointment Reminders and providing customers with the facility where they can Receive And Settle Payment Reminders directly from their mobile phones were not enough; the platform service offering for businesses allows the company to send direct marketing communications to customers mobile phones.

When all three components of the system are stacked together it will be seen to have a positive impact on any company’s business operations as they depend upon meeting customers via careful scheduling with staff members; when meetings are missed the negative impact that many companies are seen to experience will be largely done away with when companies embrace using the type of Customer Appointment Reminders that the system offers withing daily business operations.

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