Organisations that have business models that dictates that they make regular bookings and appointments with clients and; fulfill the services at scheduled times must be definition make use of some sort of system [this ‘could be paper based !!] that ensures clients turn up for their appointments on time therefore allowing for the business to effectively allocate the time of their professionals.

Put another way; if clients fail to show for appointments then businesses can be left with the situation in that staff that have to be paid are not actually performing any client facing tasks due to those clients who forget to show up for appointments or through other circumstances are just not able to make it at the agreed timings.

Now the types of businesses that fall into the categories discussed above are many and varied but to name a few they include …

  • Beauty Salons
  • Health Spas
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Letting Agents
  • Building Contractors
  • Dentists
  • Cosmetic Surgeons
  • Personal Trainers

… and you the reader we are sure will be able to add in many more business types, one of which may be your own business category !!

Now with all that has been discussed; when looking at any possible solution for providing accessible appointment bookings, meeting verification as well as payment reminders – such system should at first be accessible via the cloud and from any device and for sure must be fully mobile compatible.

Appointment & Booking Verification

In the first instance the business seeks to agree with the client to actually verify the appointment, this process involves obtaining contact details from the client. With the appointment reminder system the options include Browser Notifications, Email Address Details as well as SMS Text Messages [via the mobile phone number of course].

The option then is open for the company to say send a gently booking reminder directly to the client through the contact digital marketing channel of choice. The two way communications functionality of this particular service offering gives the client the ability to send messages directly back to the company in question. If an appointment cannot be made, then the company can reschedule, and importantly reallocate staff to other tasks.

Payment Reminders

Hand in hand with lead generation and keeping a high customer satisfaction ratio is that of ensuring revenue flow stays constant through the actioning and fulfillment of invoices. There are of course wide and varied reasons why customers may not pay an invoice but whatever the case the ability at the touch of a button to inform them that payments are due when looked at from an overall business perspective with multiple clients, can lead to a certain percentage of invoices being paid that if they were not could have lead to serious consequences for the business and its operations.

Now being able to send gentle online payment reminders through the same system that the appointments were made provides the business running operations with an easy and convenient tool through which to maintain steady revenue flows.

Direct Digital Marketing

Again, because we are able to communicate directly to the customer via email, browser notifications or SMS text messages utilising the very same system that was used to verify meetings, bookings and appointments in the first place. The barrier to customers actually opening marketing communications and acting on them is much lower than it would have been [e.g. based on a potential client receiving a cold email promotion].

Careful and strategic use of the system can be seen with businesses incorporating how these digital direct marketing communications options will be factored into the top level business strategies. Simple browser notifications can be used to lead customers to various special offers and promotions for products and services – offers which can be reserved for those preferred repeat customers

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