There are many facets to running an effective and profitable business and for those service related businesses that are defined by customer meetings and appointments the integration of push notification appointment reminders is in fact a digital marketing component of business execution that can be put to use within any company which will in turn have a direct impact on revenue generation.

There is nothing more annoying than product demonstrators, salesmen, delivery drivers and other company employees not making effective use of appointment reminder systems and therefore turning up for meetings only to find out that the customers is not at their places of residences or the other business representative is not in their office space in order to make good on the meeting appointment that had been planned and agreed upon by both parties.

This leaves the company making the appointment with downtime for the employee in question which has a direct impact on any given revenue generation parameters (with revenues being tied directly to sales and sales being linked to the number of meetings or product demonstrations that take place).

The way around this of course is if the person in question is not able to make the appointment that they would simply let the company know about their changes in circumstance; it may of course be the case that they simply have not remembered about the appointment. So let’s take both scenarios into consideration for argument’s sake.

In the instance where the customer simply has forgotten about the meeting in question; it would be so convenient if a mobile phone based message could be sent direct to their handset in order to remind them of the upcoming meeting; this will provide the customer with the opportunity to rearrange meeting times as appropriate.

The point raised above is indeed a very important one as most appointment reminder systems often come with the “DO NOT REPLY” warning and with the platform allowing customers to send messages direct to the company – this serves to have a major positive impact on business development operations within a company.

In many cases the customer does actually remember about the meeting but; for certain reasons they have to unexpectedly leave to be somewhere else; they would like to be able to get in touch with the company to inform them but  have no quick viable way to do so – as in so many circumstances even though they have an appointment reminder they are not able to respond to it.

However as mentioned above the appointment reminder system hands the customer with the ability to message directly back into the company so that meetings are able to be rearranged as appropriate according to mutually convenient time openings.

And in closing, one point that should be mentioned that in fact can be indeed used to ramp up any company’s direct marketing execution plans is that push notification direct marketing can be built into the organisation’s business development strategy as every client that has a meeting booked and confirmed via the system will be a candidate that can be followed up with in order keep individuals up to date in terms of products and services news.

SMS Text Message appointment reminders are becoming more and more popular as we see this form of digital marketing technology being used by companies from differing market sectors such as …

… Doctors, Dentists, Estate Agencies, Recruitment Consultant, Law Firm, Chirporactors …

… and other professional services organisations that rely on their business operations running smoothly and efficiently based on the fact that they conduct numerous meetings in any given working day and; it only takes the timing of one client appointment to be missed or to start late for serious implications for the business to come into play.

Now some of us will be familiar with receiving an appointment reminder from the organisation from which we may have a meeting planned with with no description of who the message is from [until after we actually open the SMS text message] and to be greeted with the ‘Do Not Reply’ suffix within the message. So – in the case that the client is running late and they receive an appointment reminder, if they are unable to call into the office or to send an email – not being able to respond to the appointment reminder will end up being the root cause as to why the day’s operations may end up running as smoothly as it was planned to.

Responding To Appointment Reminders

The is the Complete Appointments Reminder Client Services Booking Invoice Payment Actioning & Direct Marketing System because it allows customers to reply directly to the company with whom the meeting is planned and inform them that they are unable to make the meeting in question.

Consider if you will – the scenario where the client is in a rush and receives a SMS Text Message reminder from the company with which they have the meeting planned; would it not be such a great facility if the client were able to [whilst they are on a crowded train or in a noisy taxi] hit reply and to tell the company of the circumstance which is causing them to be late for the appointment in question.

More Than A SMS Text Message Reminder System

One of the key value proposition points of the Complete Appointments Reminder, Client Services Booking, Invoice Payment Actioning & Direct Marketing System is that is actually allows clients to respond to Appointment Reminders right from their mobile phones; say they are unable to make a meeting then this information can be relayed directly into the SaaS platform and will be accessible by anyone within the company that has appropriate access. In this way the company will be able to reschedule and make alternative plans as necessary to cater for any potential missed appointments.

In addition to the above the customer will know who the SMS text message appointment reminder is from as the sender will be clearly identified within the message; in other words the user will not be greeted with the dreaded “NO REPLY” header that is seen to come with many appointment reminder system; and yet there are more sophisticated features within the system that can be used to enhance any Business to Consumer contact and communications.

Payment Reminders

Now just imagine if a company were able to send payment reminders direct to customers and; in addition to this actually provide the payment links through which customers can settle their bills. We do know how the use of mobile phones have sky rocketed in recent years and is set to continue to do so.

Now with the use of the system in use for any company or business organisation customers are able to settle payments, that is payment that they may well have genuinely forgotten to settle and now when used systematically the company can enjoy increased and regular revenue income generation.

Direct Marketing

As if the Ability To Reply To Appointment Reminders and providing customers with the facility where they can Receive And Settle Payment Reminders directly from their mobile phones were not enough; the platform service offering for businesses allows the company to send direct marketing communications to customers mobile phones.

When all three components of the system are stacked together it will be seen to have a positive impact on any company’s business operations as they depend upon meeting customers via careful scheduling with staff members; when meetings are missed the negative impact that many companies are seen to experience will be largely done away with when companies embrace using the type of Customer Appointment Reminders that the system offers withing daily business operations.

mot due reminder software

Everyday thousands of garages and car service establishments around the country send out letters to past clients to remind them that their MOT car test is up for renewal. We as car owners have received many of these ourselves and; it is quite simple – they do work. With the busy lives that we lead often remembering to make sure our car MOT is up to date is the last thing on our priority list and with the police now able [with a quick and simple computer access action] to determine if one’s car’s MOT is up to date or not – it pays to make sure that your car is up to date. The fast that the garages send out these reminders is also a good thing; it keep their business in business and the customer stays legal.

With a member of our team receiving a letter from a garage regarding his upcoming MOT expiry this very week and; with a physical stamp placed in the top right hand corner. We wonder how many car service garages involved in reminding customers of their MOT appointments and other car servicing necessities are a) failing to remind customers of their appointments and b) are not making use of the internet and digital marketing technologies to communicate with the customers.

With thousands of GPBs or $US being spent on heavy machinery necessary to carry out car repairs, systems such as that offered by [which costs a mere fraction of what it takes to purchase and maintain car servicing equipment] can serve not only to remind customers of their appointments but also to kickstart the digital marketing aspect of the car garage services business.

As a component of our outbound marketing activities directed towards car service garages; we encourage them to take a look at making use of the system can do to transform their business operations. It is quite simple

  • Customer’s mobile phone number is needed
  • After the MOT has been completed, set date for next appointment
  • Customer receives SMS and verifies
  • Program the system to send out a reminder [say] two weeks before

… and the garage can carry on with their business with the assurance that the MOT reminder will be sent out automatically

In addition to the above; the garage staff can with a glance get a picture of all of the upcoming service appointments which can be used for future planning and parts purchasing purposes. This is one of the reasons why is rightly described as the Complete Appointments Reminder, Client Services Booking, Invoice Payment Actioning & Direct Marketing System. It can be put to use in your business within day, contact us now to learn more – we’d love to be of service to you and your business.

customer payment reminders

This is a part of a functioning business [dealing with Customer Payment Reminder Overdue] that needs to be taken care of as unfortunately customers either forget to pay their bills or choose not to. For whatever the reason is – in order to maintain cash flow, to balance the books or just to make sure that products and relevant services are paid for; communications will have to be made to clients to remind them to settle their bills. Depending on the service offering or product purchased this can be in various forms such …

  • Settlement Following Initial Deposit
  • Missed Monthly Payment
  • Payment In Advance
  • Declined Cheque
  • Unpaid Direct Debit

… and of course the reader can conjure up many different instances where in basic terms – the company in question has not received monies into their account from the client in question.

So let’s take the situation into consideration where payment has not been received into the company accounts and now somehow the accounts department have to take steps to receive the funds. In the first instance it could be that the customer has simply forgotten to pay so we really would not need to resort to taking legal action so – a gentle Payment Reminder will need to be issued. And this is where we arrive at determining appropriate methods that may be utilised in order to actually leading to the company being paid.

Processes And Systems For Issuing Payment Reminders Need To Be Setup In Advance Of Monies Not Being Received As A Key Component Of The Purchasing Sequence Of Events.

One of the best ways to communicate with individuals in generals and customers specifically is by making use of the technologies that are in use as a part of every day life – one such ‘customer communication channel’ that may be utilised is the mobile smart phone. A text message based payment reminder service along with direct payment links embedded within the customer invoice reminder SMS just way well serve to in the vast majority of cases ensure that monies for services rendered are received into the company accounts soon after the notification has been made.

Customers not making payments in advance of and when they are due has now become common place when we consider some of the potential pitfalls of running a functioning business. Making use of a system such as not only allows the company to readily issue invoice settlement reminders that are received directly via customers mobile phones, these invoices can also be settled on the go using the mobile device.

In addition to this options allow for direct digital marketing that can open up powerful revenue generation options in terms of factoring this into the ongoing development and execution of the company’s business strategy.

Late payment reminders have become a necessity in today’s fast paced moving world and the fact that we live in a technologically advanced and always connected society lends itself conveniently to making use of the same technology to connect and communicate with clients in order to ensure that those [important] invoices get paid ! Using computer technology and the internet has become one of the most tried and tested ways that we can employ in order to gently remind customers that they have forgotten to settle their invoices.

As business owners; we know how important it is to keep good relationships with our customers so with that thought in mind it is very important to make sure that when we do contact customers in order to nudge them to settle their late payment – the process and method is one that will serve to keep those relationships in tact.

In terms of systems and processes we find it makes sense to set the structure in place at the point of sale which is why the platform starts with asking the customer to verify their appointment and with the given options we are able to factor in at a given time issuing a communication which will include details of the required payment; with this we will be able to include a link to the payment processor for the company in question which will enable the customer to settle the invoice at will at their convenience all directly from their mobile phone.

As with preventative health measures and insurance we take steps in advance to determine the future course of events and we do the same when it comes to building in safeguards when it comes to making sure that we get paid. In the first instance; being able to gently remind customers of their appointments at a preset time in advance time [say the day before for a dental appointment; or in the morning for a domestic cleaning visit] we hope will also jog their memories that they actually do need to pay [the payment details do not Have To be set as an option when the appointment reminders are sent out].

The functionality delivered by the platform really provides companies from different market sectors e.g. …

  • Cleaning Businesses
  • Car Repair
  • Cosmetic Surgery Clinics
  • Dental Surgeons
  • Beauty Salons

… and others [possibly including yours] that functions with the setting of and fulfilling appointments direct with clients can be put to use to put some regularity into the collection of payments and their stability of revenue generation. You could be involved in a company with multiple outlets spread across the country each of which service clients on a daily basis then can be put to use to assist with revenue generation. Need help with getting those invoices settled ? contact us at today in order to get your account setup.


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We develop Software As A Service [Saas] applications for customers [such as &] in different marketing sectors in addition to our ongoing Social Media & Search Engine Marketing strategy development & Execution.

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One of the most popular markets is the health and fitness market with billions of $US, Euros and GBPs being spent every year on equipment, gym memberships and importantly for the retainment of a fitness coach or personal trainer. The services of such a professional could be utilised within the residence of the client, at a place of work of any mutually agreed location. So we can also look at the role of gymnasiums themselves within a particular location with so many people signing up to take training classes such as …

  • Aerobics
  • Bodypump
  • Crossfit
  • Dancercise
  • Gymnastics
  • HIIT
  • Kickboxercise

… and of course the list could go on and on. Now the amount of times clients forget to turn up for classes can end up having a massive impact on the running of any gym and in the amount of monies a personal trainer end up taking in.

Often gyms have to run away clients who wish to pay for classes due to the fact that a given class may be filled; in instances when those who have already booked do not attend it means that an otherwise paying customer has been turned away along with the associated monies that the organisation would have taken in. The situation is amplified when it comes to dealing with a personal trainer or fitness instructor whose income depends on who turns up for their class [wherever the location may be] and for those circumstances where clients forget to cancel, do not show up for classes or simply cannot be bothered to inform the instructor that they will not be able to make the appointment, the [often] self employed expert ends up not being paid.

It is with these scenarios in mind that the use of a comprehensive Online Booking System and Appointment Scheduler for Personal Trainers comes into play

With the use of the cloud based platform tailored as an Appointment scheduling app for fitness trainers, sports coaches, aerobics instructors, golf instructors, yoga instructors, martial arts instructors and other fields within the market sector from a strategic perspective marked improvements both in the running of the gymnasium and fitness training business and revenue generation will be realised. In the first instance making use of the most basic function of the system verifying every session via the mobile phone will lead to the ability of the business owner to remind the client[s] of their appointments and; with the client being able to let the gym, fitness instructor or personal trainer know that they are unable to attend – this allows for other client to get booked in therefore ensuring that all classes are as full as possible and that the most monies are being taken in for any given class of training session.


ABOUT [Capid Houser]

We develop Software As A Service [Saas] applications for customers [such as &] in different marketing sectors in addition to our ongoing Social Media & Search Engine Marketing strategy development & Execution.

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Organisations that have business models that dictates that they make regular bookings and appointments with clients and; fulfill the services at scheduled times must be definition make use of some sort of system [this ‘could be paper based !!] that ensures clients turn up for their appointments on time therefore allowing for the business to effectively allocate the time of their professionals.

Put another way; if clients fail to show for appointments then businesses can be left with the situation in that staff that have to be paid are not actually performing any client facing tasks due to those clients who forget to show up for appointments or through other circumstances are just not able to make it at the agreed timings.

Now the types of businesses that fall into the categories discussed above are many and varied but to name a few they include …

  • Beauty Salons
  • Health Spas
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Letting Agents
  • Building Contractors
  • Dentists
  • Cosmetic Surgeons
  • Personal Trainers

… and you the reader we are sure will be able to add in many more business types, one of which may be your own business category !!

Now with all that has been discussed; when looking at any possible solution for providing accessible appointment bookings, meeting verification as well as payment reminders – such system should at first be accessible via the cloud and from any device and for sure must be fully mobile compatible.

Appointment & Booking Verification

In the first instance the business seeks to agree with the client to actually verify the appointment, this process involves obtaining contact details from the client. With the appointment reminder system the options include Browser Notifications, Email Address Details as well as SMS Text Messages [via the mobile phone number of course].

The option then is open for the company to say send a gently booking reminder directly to the client through the contact digital marketing channel of choice. The two way communications functionality of this particular service offering gives the client the ability to send messages directly back to the company in question. If an appointment cannot be made, then the company can reschedule, and importantly reallocate staff to other tasks.

Payment Reminders

Hand in hand with lead generation and keeping a high customer satisfaction ratio is that of ensuring revenue flow stays constant through the actioning and fulfillment of invoices. There are of course wide and varied reasons why customers may not pay an invoice but whatever the case the ability at the touch of a button to inform them that payments are due when looked at from an overall business perspective with multiple clients, can lead to a certain percentage of invoices being paid that if they were not could have lead to serious consequences for the business and its operations.

Now being able to send gentle online payment reminders through the same system that the appointments were made provides the business running operations with an easy and convenient tool through which to maintain steady revenue flows.

Direct Digital Marketing

Again, because we are able to communicate directly to the customer via email, browser notifications or SMS text messages utilising the very same system that was used to verify meetings, bookings and appointments in the first place. The barrier to customers actually opening marketing communications and acting on them is much lower than it would have been [e.g. based on a potential client receiving a cold email promotion].

Careful and strategic use of the system can be seen with businesses incorporating how these digital direct marketing communications options will be factored into the top level business strategies. Simple browser notifications can be used to lead customers to various special offers and promotions for products and services – offers which can be reserved for those preferred repeat customers

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There is an ongoing trend in today’s world where working people are so busy that there is an increasing trend and need for domestic cleaning services. In any given day a busy cleaning service contractor may visit multiple residential properties in order to deliver their cleaning services. It just takes one home resident to not be at home for a given appointment or to be late by say 10 minutes for the rota for the whole day’s schedule to be put out of kilter with the cleaning provider having to call multiple clients in order to reschedule or delay appointments and bookings. This is where such an Online Appointment Scheduling For Cleaning Businesses comes in to play as it provides the cleaning provider with the facility to ask for online appointment confirmations for all of the jobs they have planned on a given day. The home owners are then able to confirm for bookings and therefore this can provide the cleaner with the option to rearrange their schedule for the day.

There is also an important customer satisfaction aspect for cleaning contractors to consider as at times their clients simply may forget that they will not be at home for their appointment and receiving the booking confirmation notification to which they can respond to confirm their cleaning appointment. Customers can go on to appreciate being contacted given their business schedules so that they can liaise with their cleaning contractor to rearrange their appointment; whilst this frees up the contractor to rearrange their day; the customer is left with a feeling that the business provider cares enough to take the time out to confirm bookings and appointments.

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Day to day activities within any thriving restaurant consists of continually making bookings for tables and bar space for drinks and for dining. Moving this to the cloud in the first instance will serve to streamline the booking process and also open up power restaurant digital marketing possibilities via followup and direct customer marketing and communications. The system comes into play whilst the customer is making a booking either by phone or in person; it is at this point in time that the restaurant digital marketing process is able to commence by simply asking the diner to confirm their booking; there contact details are obtained in order to verify the booking time and date.

Email, Browser and SMS text communications options are open to the marketing personnel within the eating establishment allowing for [in the first instance] successful restaurant table booking confirmation along with satisfactory service delivery. The permission based creative marketing ideas for restaurants can now commence with the option to keep the happy customer up to date with special offers, discounts and other reasons for them to come back to the dining establishment.

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Typical building and construction industry companies servicing the domestic home owner category happens to consist of many different appointments being scheduled from home to home in order to carry out various home owner tasks. On a daily basis a typical building or construction company may have to book in multiple clients which can sum up to hundreds of different appointments being carried out within a week; it only takes one or two customers to cancel without informing the building company in question for this to start to affect the company in terms of their construction staff having wasted down time which in turn will start to effect revenue generation.

The system is perfect for our clients delivering building services; there are many such services of course that come under this umbrella such as …

  • Scaffolding
  • Roof Tiling
  • Loft Conversion
  • Felting
  • Tiling
  • Gardening
  • Plumbing

… that will enable the homeowners to confirm and verify their bookings and appointments from the cloud and therefore allow the business owner to cut down on missed appointments and down time of their workers e.g. by using the booking availability option the day before the building work is scheduled to take place; the non confirmation [by making use of the payment reminder services] by the customer will enable the building company to reschedule workers time as appropriate and keep the company running smoothly.

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