Online Reservation System & Booking System

Impact Your Business With An Online Reservation System

Many businesses are starting to understand how integrating the first touch point with a paying customer [i.e. at the point of when they make a booking] into their top level business and marketing strategies is the way to go in terms of ensuring that the business will generate the maximum in terms of life time value. Moving on from paper based to making appointments in the cloud is the first step in this process; moving on from this is to gain interaction from the customer at the earliest point within the business / customer relationship.

Company / Customer Journey

We want the customer to feel valued and special and for this to happen an actual relationship needs to be developed which commences from when the customer actually chooses to do business with the organisation. Entering the appointment into the system allows for the company to commence with the initial digital communications via the method chosen by the customer.

The customer journey now begins where hopefully over time with careful strategic marketing products and services from the suite of company offerings into the marketplace can be experienced by the client over years thereby gaining the maximum in lifetime value from the customer to the organisation.

Cloud Based Appointments Booking

Whilst many companies understand the significance in terms of business performance and operational efficiency of moving towards an internet cloud based appointments reservations and booking system; the leap has not been made for various reasons.

Now the business owner is presented with an effortless means of moving towards engaging with customers via the digital marketing channel for just a basic means of useage such as confirming appointments via email, or taking things to the next level via SMS text message marketing and browser notifications communications.

From Appointment Booking To Direct Digital Marketing

This is one way how like to characterise the system as it all starts with that initial touch point being when the customer actually makes their booking; the appointment verification phase will furnish the business owner with powerful direct marketing contact information that can be used to drive customers down through the marketing funnel.

This journey along the marketing funnel is how with strategic marketing expertise and execution some of the most successful companies in the world today manage to achieve such consistent and incremental revenues; now with the system corporate level communications can be taken advantage by the smaller businesses.


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