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This is a part of a functioning business [dealing with Customer Payment Reminder Overdue] that needs to be taken care of as unfortunately customers either forget to pay their bills or choose not to. For whatever the reason is – in order to maintain cash flow, to balance the books or just to make sure that products and relevant services are paid for; communications will have to be made to clients to remind them to settle their bills. Depending on the service offering or product purchased this can be in various forms such …

  • Settlement Following Initial Deposit
  • Missed Monthly Payment
  • Payment In Advance
  • Declined Cheque
  • Unpaid Direct Debit

… and of course the reader can conjure up many different instances where in basic terms – the company in question has not received monies into their account from the client in question.

So let’s take the situation into consideration where payment has not been received into the company accounts and now somehow the accounts department have to take steps to receive the funds. In the first instance it could be that the customer has simply forgotten to pay so we really would not need to resort to taking legal action so – a gentle Payment Reminder will need to be issued. And this is where we arrive at determining appropriate methods that may be utilised in order to actually leading to the company being paid.

Processes And Systems For Issuing Payment Reminders Need To Be Setup In Advance Of Monies Not Being Received As A Key Component Of The Purchasing Sequence Of Events.

One of the best ways to communicate with individuals in generals and customers specifically is by making use of the technologies that are in use as a part of every day life – one such ‘customer communication channel’ that may be utilised is the mobile smart phone. A text message based payment reminder service along with direct payment links embedded within the customer invoice reminder SMS just way well serve to in the vast majority of cases ensure that monies for services rendered are received into the company accounts soon after the notification has been made.

Customers not making payments in advance of and when they are due has now become common place when we consider some of the potential pitfalls of running a functioning business. Making use of a system such as not only allows the company to readily issue invoice settlement reminders that are received directly via customers mobile phones, these invoices can also be settled on the go using the mobile device.

In addition to this options allow for direct digital marketing that can open up powerful revenue generation options in terms of factoring this into the ongoing development and execution of the company’s business strategy.

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