NowRemind is the Complete Appointments Verification, Payments Reminders & Direct Marketing Service Offering which can be viewed as being easy to operate and the most effective way for business owners and customers alike to manage their local parcel and goods delivery operations without the necessity of having to invest thousands in $US, GBPs or Euros in some of the rather expensive logistics software that is seen to be available within the marketplace .

Now with the ongoing trend in individuals purchasing goods and services on the internet for home deliveries leads onto the delivery companies having to rely on people being at their places of residence in order to fulfill the deliveries. For completion the companies need to know that recipients will be at home to take in the deliveries and the use of the mobile phone as a tool for notifying clients regarding deliveries can be the main link within the deliver business that can take things up to the next level within the business in terms of on time deliveries direct to customers in line with the actual customer satisfaction ratings.


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