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Marketing Via Direct Customer Communications … is of course a creation of Capid Houser which is a Digital Marketing Service Agency and the “key word” is marketing; and in providing training and consulting and the core of the Social Media And Search Engine Marketing Service offering being that of communication the marketing message to target market clients; this system provides the basis for crafting strategic business level marketing campaigns that may start via Browser Notifications, SMS Text Messages & / or Email.

Email Marketing copy

Email in fact remains one of the main ways that organisations can maintain top of mind awareness when it comes to building brand equity. Consider the number of different email addresses that the average person has and on top of that the amount of times that emails are checked every day can highlight the marketing possibilites that exists that so many companies are not making use of – i.e. utilising direct outbound email marketing.

Now with the customer’s email address within the marketing database that they have given permission to use; the company now needs to craft non obstrusive digital email marketing campaigns to highlight the customer as it pertains to product and service offers.

Browser Notifications

The ability to communicate marketing messages direct to the customer by making use of the browser opens up powerful company to client relationships building, market research as well as direct response marketing possibilities.

With the vast majority of people opening up their computers and then going straight to their browsers for access to the internet; with this in mind the platform enables the company to build marketing campaigns with this mode of communication in mind.

SMS Text Message Marketing

SMS Marketing via the platform when used in a strategic fashion along with the other potential digital channel marketing communication means is another aspect of business development that can now be added to the top level management strategic marketing planning intentions.

This form of marketing comes under the Mobile Marketing umbrella and with the ongoing mobile phone useage trends and increased internet connectivity and the ability to display video, audio, text for the use of marketing – this permission based marketing facility again is another powerful addition to the marketing possibilities of any organisation that can be utilised as a user of the platform.


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