Driving instructors in this busy faced word need to make use of an effective Appointment Scheduling Software that has been Built to Maximise Bookings & Drive Efficiency within their driving schools. With each day being defined by scheduled bookings and appointments, if the situation arises where the driving instructor arrives at a home in order to fulfill a driving lesson and the student driver has forgotten to inform that they are not able to make the lesson; then this will results in lost revenue but more importantly the instructors time could have been rescheduled and therefore making full use of the working day’s time.

We would propose that the driving instructor makes use of the NowRemind.com system software and SaaS platform in order to send reminder to each pupil the day before or even say four hours before each lesson. Now with the two way communications features and functionality that the system brings to business operations – if the driving pupil is not able to make the lesson for whatever reason, the driving school can be informed in a timely manner. Of course this will allow for time reallocation as mentioned above but there is also a customer satisfaction aspect to these customer/client to business communications.

Now the customer’s feeling of care that the business has for them is raised, if the customer forgot to inform that they would not have been able to make the lesson then these reminder will assist with any charges that would have been incurred. The likelihood of referrals may well increase and the combination of satisfied customers and consistent revenue generation make for a well functioning business.


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