Late payment reminders have become a necessity in today’s fast paced moving world and the fact that we live in a technologically advanced and always connected society lends itself conveniently to making use of the same technology to connect and communicate with clients in order to ensure that those [important] invoices get paid ! Using computer technology and the internet has become one of the most tried and tested ways that we can employ in order to gently remind customers that they have forgotten to settle their invoices.

As business owners; we know how important it is to keep good relationships with our customers so with that thought in mind it is very important to make sure that when we do contact customers in order to nudge them to settle their late payment – the process and method is one that will serve to keep those relationships in tact.

In terms of systems and processes we find it makes sense to set the structure in place at the point of sale which is why the platform starts with asking the customer to verify their appointment and with the given options we are able to factor in at a given time issuing a communication which will include details of the required payment; with this we will be able to include a link to the payment processor for the company in question which will enable the customer to settle the invoice at will at their convenience all directly from their mobile phone.

As with preventative health measures and insurance we take steps in advance to determine the future course of events and we do the same when it comes to building in safeguards when it comes to making sure that we get paid. In the first instance; being able to gently remind customers of their appointments at a preset time in advance time [say the day before for a dental appointment; or in the morning for a domestic cleaning visit] we hope will also jog their memories that they actually do need to pay [the payment details do not Have To be set as an option when the appointment reminders are sent out].

The functionality delivered by the platform really provides companies from different market sectors e.g. …

  • Cleaning Businesses
  • Car Repair
  • Cosmetic Surgery Clinics
  • Dental Surgeons
  • Beauty Salons

… and others [possibly including yours] that functions with the setting of and fulfilling appointments direct with clients can be put to use to put some regularity into the collection of payments and their stability of revenue generation. You could be involved in a company with multiple outlets spread across the country each of which service clients on a daily basis then can be put to use to assist with revenue generation. Need help with getting those invoices settled ? contact us at today in order to get your account setup.


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