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Everyday thousands of garages and car service establishments around the country send out letters to past clients to remind them that their MOT car test is up for renewal. We as car owners have received many of these ourselves and; it is quite simple – they do work. With the busy lives that we lead often remembering to make sure our car MOT is up to date is the last thing on our priority list and with the police now able [with a quick and simple computer access action] to determine if one’s car’s MOT is up to date or not – it pays to make sure that your car is up to date. The fast that the garages send out these reminders is also a good thing; it keep their business in business and the customer stays legal.

With a member of our team receiving a letter from a garage regarding his upcoming MOT expiry this very week and; with a physical stamp placed in the top right hand corner. We wonder how many car service garages involved in reminding customers of their MOT appointments and other car servicing necessities are a) failing to remind customers of their appointments and b) are not making use of the internet and digital marketing technologies to communicate with the customers.

With thousands of GPBs or $US being spent on heavy machinery necessary to carry out car repairs, systems such as that offered by [which costs a mere fraction of what it takes to purchase and maintain car servicing equipment] can serve not only to remind customers of their appointments but also to kickstart the digital marketing aspect of the car garage services business.

As a component of our outbound marketing activities directed towards car service garages; we encourage them to take a look at making use of the system can do to transform their business operations. It is quite simple

  • Customer’s mobile phone number is needed
  • After the MOT has been completed, set date for next appointment
  • Customer receives SMS and verifies
  • Program the system to send out a reminder [say] two weeks before

… and the garage can carry on with their business with the assurance that the MOT reminder will be sent out automatically

In addition to the above; the garage staff can with a glance get a picture of all of the upcoming service appointments which can be used for future planning and parts purchasing purposes. This is one of the reasons why is rightly described as the Complete Appointments Reminder, Client Services Booking, Invoice Payment Actioning & Direct Marketing System. It can be put to use in your business within day, contact us now to learn more – we’d love to be of service to you and your business.

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