One of the most popular markets is the health and fitness market with billions of $US, Euros and GBPs being spent every year on equipment, gym memberships and importantly for the retainment of a fitness coach or personal trainer. The services of such a professional could be utilised within the residence of the client, at a place of work of any mutually agreed location. So we can also look at the role of gymnasiums themselves within a particular location with so many people signing up to take training classes such as …

  • Aerobics
  • Bodypump
  • Crossfit
  • Dancercise
  • Gymnastics
  • HIIT
  • Kickboxercise

… and of course the list could go on and on. Now the amount of times clients forget to turn up for classes can end up having a massive impact on the running of any gym and in the amount of monies a personal trainer end up taking in.

Often gyms have to run away clients who wish to pay for classes due to the fact that a given class may be filled; in instances when those who have already booked do not attend it means that an otherwise paying customer has been turned away along with the associated monies that the organisation would have taken in. The situation is amplified when it comes to dealing with a personal trainer or fitness instructor whose income depends on who turns up for their class [wherever the location may be] and for those circumstances where clients forget to cancel, do not show up for classes or simply cannot be bothered to inform the instructor that they will not be able to make the appointment, the [often] self employed expert ends up not being paid.

It is with these scenarios in mind that the use of a comprehensive Online Booking System and Appointment Scheduler for Personal Trainers comes into play

With the use of the cloud based platform tailored as an Appointment scheduling app for fitness trainers, sports coaches, aerobics instructors, golf instructors, yoga instructors, martial arts instructors and other fields within the market sector from a strategic perspective marked improvements both in the running of the gymnasium and fitness training business and revenue generation will be realised. In the first instance making use of the most basic function of the system verifying every session via the mobile phone will lead to the ability of the business owner to remind the client[s] of their appointments and; with the client being able to let the gym, fitness instructor or personal trainer know that they are unable to attend – this allows for other client to get booked in therefore ensuring that all classes are as full as possible and that the most monies are being taken in for any given class of training session.


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