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Upcoming payments & overdue invoices

We as business owners know all too well that having a steady incoming of revenues is what is needed to keep the company or any organisation functioning. Staff members need to be paid and operational expenses need to be paid however in certain circumstances customers forget to pay or just have other priorities and things going on in their lives which means that making payment to your company is not at the top of their to do list. This in turn means that their invoice may not be settled which can lead to a cashflow issue which if left unchecked can have major consequences for the business in question.

The service provides business with the functionality and facility to send gentle reminders directly to the end user customer utilising the communications channel marketing option that they deem to be the best for getting their attention.

Knowing that at times non payment is in fact not intentional but simply a matter of forgetting; now polite communications can be sent and payments received in a time manner which when accumulated can be the difference between the business staying afloat or indeed going under !

SMS Text Message Payment Reminders

No need for customers to have to reply or text in special codes in order for this to work, this system works without all of the complications that are normally encountered when making use of previously encountered text message payment reminder business systems. With [encoded] direct payment links sent to the customer, payment back to the business is made to be effortless ensuring consistent revenues and doing away with the need to cease business due to non payment [that at times is simply due to forgetfulness].

So many options for enhancing the business operations …

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